Green Plate

Project Details

Green Plate believes that there are busy mums of young children and they know how important it is that children eat healthily and how difficult it can be to find the time to prepare fresh and varied lunches every day. The mission of Green Plate is to set up this Kids Packed Lunch Company, an exciting service just for kids that provides nutritionally balanced meals delivered straight to your child’s school.

Green Plate is a unique meal delivery service catering for healthy meals being delivered to clients based on dietary requirements.

By partnering with Creativo, Green Plate tasked us with a brand identity project as well as a basic website. Through meticulous planning, multiple vision boards and revisions, we came up with a strikingly minimal yet bold logo design. Coupled with natural, earthy imagery, a website that is so inviting, you would want to eat the pictures off the screen, we have managed to bring a fantastic business idea into the a world class competitor.